Goose Game is a ruthless multiplayer battle of vicious geese thrown into a small arena. If a single goose can introduce an element of chaos into boring village life and annoy a farmer for its own entertainment, just imagine what dozens of these creatures can do under the stress of survival! The food is scarce, the enemies are everywhere and only the most cunning will survive. It’s a fight for dominance over territory and resources and only the most vicious will have what it takes to become the victor.

Every goose starts out the same: regular size, average speed and strength. By consuming various kinds of foods scattered around the arena the player can grow which makes them stronger and extends their life bar. Other items provide temporary bonuses that can help you out in a difficult situation or make your life a lot easier for a short time – you can never rely on getting them, but they are always welcome.

Confronting other players is never easy and even the mightiest goose can fall in battle, but the rewards are often worth the danger: every kill earns you some shiny coins that you can later spend in the store to buy items with special bonuses and improved stats!

How to play

The goose runs automatically, the player only needs to steer by moving the mouse. Eat food to grow and collect bonuses to boost your speed and strength. You can attack other geese by clicking the left mouse button, but it is only wise to do so once you’ve reached a certain level – the more HP you have, the more likely you are to survive a confrontation. Speed up temporarily by pressing the left mouse button, but be careful: doing so will drain experience from your level meter pretty fast, so try to use it sparingly.

There are three types of bonuses you need to watch out for: health can restore some of your life bar, sword makes you stronger and amplifies the damage of your attacks and lightning makes you run much faster without any experience drain. Collect the bonuses by running over them to make your goose the ultimate bird of destruction.

Can you become the fattest and meanest goose in game? Time to sharpen your beak and go ruffle some feathers in the craziest death match the farm has ever seen!

Tips and Tricks

Be careful not to engage in combat right away. Take your time to build up your strength by eating food and collecting bonuses, do your best to avoid confrontations. You should only take part in fights if you are absolutely sure you will be safe. Let’s say you witness three other geese fighting each other and the bigger one kills the other two with only a bar of health left. If that’s the case you can go for it carefully, but even then it is preferable that the goose is looking somewhere away from you.

Don’t forget about the boost ability – sometimes using it can save your life. With only a fraction of health left you can avoid a fatal attack and reach for that precious medicine or speed bonus that will get you back in the game. Keep in mind that boosting drains your experience, so only use it when it’s absolutely necessary – otherwise you may have trouble leveling up.

Never stay in one place for too long, try to move around constantly and pay attention to where the food appears to make your route as efficient as possible. Of course, you can never be sure that your enemies won’t appear in the way, but even a little of planning ahead can go a long way on a crowded arena.

Try not to start difficult fights but instead join the ongoing ones – in the world of geese it is customary to fight dirty. Attack unsuspecting opponents who are in the middle of a battle and run away as soon as there is any danger – such is the way of the mighty beak.

Follow these tips in combination with common sense and you will rule the farm in no time!

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